C.S. Matthews and D. G. Russell
163 pp.; Softcover
SPE Monograph Series Vol. 1
ISBN: 978-0-89520-200-0
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A time-tested classic, Pressure Buildup and Flow Tests in Wells presents a comprehensive study of the creation and analysis of transient pressure responses in wells. Basic principles are reviewed, and the applicability and limitations of the various techniques are critically discussed and illustrated with examples. With its detailed review of literature and extensive bibliography, this book serves as a useful guide and reference to engineers directly engaged in well pressure work.

C.S. Matthews was also honored by the Society of Petroleum Engineers as: the recipient of the 1982 Lester C. Uren award for distinguished achievement in the technology of petroleum engineering, a SPE Distinguished Member, a Distinguished Lecturer, a Distinguished Lecturer Emeritus, and a Distinguished Author. He served on many committees and consulting bodies, including: The Department of Energy (DOE)-Fossil Energy Board; Consultant to the DOE; National Petroleum Council (NPC)-Special Assistant on major studies of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Unconventional Gas; American Petroleum Institute (API)-Chairman, Reserves Advisory Committee; Interstate Oil Compact Commission (IOCC)-Advisory Committee Tar Sands and Heavy Oil Deposits; Rice University-Engineering Advisory Council; and Chairman, Texas Engineers for Conservation. In 1985, he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering 'For distinguished contributions to Petroleum Engineering Technology and to development of public. Matthews was Senior Petroleum Engineering Consultant for Shell Oil Company, and an internationally recognized Reservoir Engineer.


Co-author: D.G. Russell - Shell

Table of Contents 



1.  Introduction
2.  Mathematical Basis for Pressure Analysis Methods
3.  Pressure Buildup Analysis
4.  Determination of Average Reservoir Pressure
5.  Pressure Drawdown Analysis
6.  Multiple-Rate Flow Test Analysis
7.  Analysis of well Interference Tests
8.  Pressure Analysis In Injection Wells
9.  Drillstem Test Pressure Analysis
10. Effect of Reservoir Heterogeneities on Pressure Behavior
11. Practical Aspects of Pressure Analysis
12. Conclusion

Appendix A-Solutions for Radical Flow of Fluids of Small and Constant Compressibility
Appendix B-Example Calculations for Pressure Buildup Analysis
Appendix C-Example Calculation for Average Pressure
Appendix D-Example Calculations for Pressure Drawdown Analysis
Appendix E-Example Calculations for Multiple-Rate Flow Test Analysis
Appendix F-Example Calculations for Injection Well Analysis
Appendix G-Charts and Correlations for Use In Pressure Buildup and Flow Test Analysis