James R. Gilman and Chet Ozgen
120 pp.; Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-61399-292-0
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Reservoir simulation is a major activity for many oil companies; although there are pitfalls in the technology. Flow simulation combined with modern reservoir characterization has proven to be a very effective means for managing the development of reservoirs when properly applied. Reservoir Simulation:  History Matching and Forecasting is intended to be a concise introduction to the areas of history matching and reservoir forecasting for those who interact with the reservoir engineer (e.g., geoscientists, production engineers, managers), as well as those who need to interpret or use the results of flow simulation in their work. Following an introductory section, the book is organized according to the major steps for undertaking a simulation study: (1) building the initial geological reservoir and fluid models, (2) choosing the reservoir simulator, (3) improving and validating the reservoir model through history matching, and (4) forecasting and managing/quantifying uncertainties associated with proposed development plans. A final chapter discusses the authors’ view of future trends in reservoir flow simulation and history matching.




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James R. Gilman has more than 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry. He is currently Director of Engineering at iReservoir.com, where he is involved in providing integrated reservoir characterization and modeling services to the petroleum industry. Gilman’s expertise includes specialization in application and development of reservoir simulators. He was at Marathon Oil Company’s Technology Center for more than 22 years, where he was a co-developer of a three-phase naturally fractured reservoir simulator and later managed the Reservoir and Well Performance Department. Gilman holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from Montana State University and an MS degree in chemical and petroleum refining engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.


Cetin (Chet) Ozgen is one of the founders of Nitec LLC, an international oil and gas reservoir engineering consulting firm located in Denver. Since 1995, he has performed or managed more than 75 reservoir studies and has been the lead developer of Nitec’s reservoir characterization and simulation software. Previously, Ozgen served as the vice president in charge of reservoir simulation products at Scientific Software–Intercomp. He started his career at Sohio Petroleum Company (now BP). Ozgen holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and an MS degree in petroleum engineering from Stanford University.


Reservoir Simulation:  History Matching and Forecasting is available in print, Adobe Digital Edition and print and Adobe Digital Edition set.