Edited by G. Paul Willhite and Randall S. Seright
379 pp.; Adobe® Digital Edition
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Getting Up to Speed
ISBN: 978-1-61399-067-4
Society of Petroleum Engineers
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Part of the "Getting Up to Speed Series" reprints designed to provide you with basic knowledge on a technical topic. Pre-screened and downloadable, these industry-significant papers will save valuable research time. Designed for young professionals or others beginning to work in a new topic area, as well as anyone who needs to "get up to speed" on the subject of the reprint.


The purpose of this collection of 28 papers is to introduce the subject of polymer flooding to engineers interested in gaining a basic overview of the technology and its applications. It is intended not to offer a comprehensive look at the topic but, rather, to provide the reader with enough knowledge to allow for more advanced study or work in the field.

Topics covered include:

  • Pioneering field applications
  • Injectivity issues
  • Polymer solution stability
  • Predicting oil recovery
  • Risk assessment
  • Field response to polymer injection