Edited by: H.R. Warner Jr.
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Society of Petroleum Engineers
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The Petroleum Engineering Handbook has long been recognized as a valuable, comprehensive reference that offers practical day-to-day applications for students and experienced engineering professionals alike.  The Petroleum Engineering Handbook is a series of 7 volumes sold individually or as a complete set.

Volume VI: Emerging and Peripheral Technologies covers technologies that have come to the forefront of the industry in the past 20 years. Developments that are on the “periphery” of the areas covered in the first five volumes or in emerging areas of technology are covered.


Editor-in-Chief: Larry W. Lake   

Smart wells • Subsea and downhole processing • Monetizing stranded gas • Hydrate emerging technologies • Electromagnetic heating of oil • Reservoir geophysics • Geologically based, geostatistical reservoir modeling • Cold heavy oil production with sand • Coalbed methane • Tight gas reservoirs • Geothermal engineering • Risk and decision analysis
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