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The Petroleum Engineering Handbook has long been recognized as a valuable comprehensive reference book that offers practical day-to-day applications for students and experienced engineering professionals alike. The Petroleum Engineering Handbook is a series of 7 volumes sold individually or as a complete set.


Volume I: General Engineering, includes chapters on mathematics, fluid properties (fluid sampling techniques; properties and correlations of oil, gas, condensate, and water; hydrocarbon phase behavior and phase diagrams for hydrocarbon systems; the phase behavior of water/hydrocarbon systems; and the properties of waxes, asphaltenes, and crude oil emulsions), rock properties (bulk rock properties, permeability, relative permeability, and capillary pressure), the economic and regulatory environment, and the role of fossil energy in the 21st century energy mix.


Editor-in-Chief:  Larry W. Lake

Additional Media Resources: www.spe.org/web/pubs/peh/pehmedia.html  

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Foreword v

Preface vi


1 Mathematics of Vibrating Systems I-1

Alfred W. Eustes, III


2 Mathematics of Fluid Flow I-45

John R. Fanchi


3 Mathematics of Transient Analysis I-77

Erdal Ozkan


4 Fluid Sampling I-173

John M. Williams and Sunil L. Kokal


5 Gas Properties I-217

Brian F. Towler


6 Oil System Correlations I-257

Robert P. Sutton


7 Thermodynamics and Phase Behavior I-333

R.T. Johns


8 Phase Diagrams I-371

F.M. Orr, Jr. and K. Jessen


9 Asphaltenes and Waxes I-397

Long X. Nghiem and Bruce F. Kohse


10 Properties of Produced Water I-465

David J. Blumer


11 Phase Behavior of H2O + Hydrocarbon Systems I-499

E.D. Sloan


12 Crude Oil Emulsions I-533

Sunil L. Kokal


13 Rock Properties I-571

M. Batzle, D.-H. Han, and R. Hofmann


14 Single-Phase Permeability I-687

Philip H. Nelson and Michael L. Batzle


15 Relative Permeability and Capillary Pressure I-727

Richard L. Christiansen


16 Petroleum Economics I-767

John D. Wright


17 International Oil and Gas Law I-809

Mark D. Bingham, Scot W. Anderson, and Dustin M. Ammons


18 The 21st Century Energy Mix I-831

John R. Fanchi

Author Index I-841

Subject Index I-845


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