Richard M. Bateman
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Society of Petroleum Engineers
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Since the first edition of Openhole Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation, which was published in 1985, the science and art of formation evaluation has seen many innovations. Measurements of formation resistivity have advanced, advances have been made in the design of sonic tools and in the processing of their recorded signals, and new methods of looking at the distribution of pore sizes, their fluid content, and formation flow potential have become widely used. This revised and updated second edition will prepare the reader for a fuller understanding of modern formation evaluation data-gathering methods, as well as illuminate advanced analysis techniques. The book is divided into sections that address a number of formation evaluation themes, including Methods of Gathering Formation Evaluation Data, Methods of Analysis and Application of Results, Openhole Logging Measurements, Analysis of Logs and Cores, and Formation Testing. 

Richard M. Bateman was educated in the UK, obtaining his MA degree in Natural Science-Physics from Oxford University. He began his career in the oil industry in South America as a field engineer for Schlumberger. He worked in many North and South American field locations and later spent 3 years at the Schlumberger Doll Research Center in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Bateman subsequently joined Amoco International Oil Company (now BP) and traveled extensively throughout the world from its Chicago headquarters, finding oil and gas and teaching others how to do so. He has also held posts as Chief Petrophysicist of Halliburton Logging Services, Engineering Manager for Bridas (now Pan American energy), Manager for Gaffney Cline & Associates’ Latin American operations, based in Buenos Aires, and as a well log interpretation and petrophysics instructor for PetroSkills/OGCI. Bateman has authored four books and multiple patents and technical papers. He is a senior and Life Member of SPE and is also active with SPWLA and SCA. He is currently a member of the faculty of Texas Tech University as an Associate Professor in the Petroleum Engineering Department.

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