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Oil and Natural Gas is SPE's first educational book telling the story of petroleum and natural gas and how it shapes our world. Easy to read and loaded with colorful photos, diagrams, and graphics—the book is appropriate for younger students, school libraries, and for use as a textbook. Makes a great gift!

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• King Oil • Ancient oil • Oil for light • Dawn of the oil age • The oil bonanza • What is oil? • Where oil comes from • Natural gas • Unconventional natural gas • Oil traps • Solid oil • How oil is found • Advanced technology • Getting the oil out • Deep-sea drilling • Deepwater technology • Piped oil • Oil on the ocean • Refining oil • Energy and transportation • Materials from oil • Plastics and polymers • Global oil • Oil and power • Oil and the environment • Demand and consumption • Saving oil • Oil substitutes • Fuel for electricity • World of job opportunities • Serving society • Timeline • Find out more • Glossary

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