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Society of Petroleum Engineers
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This new reprint, a collaboration between SPE and the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE), combines the subjects of property and project evaluation, economics, and finance by offering a selection of papers that were presented in SPE publications and other forums over the past 30 years. The purpose of this volume is to preserve and highlight some of the most important and informative papers from recent industry literature and to continue the documentation of oil and gas property evaluation advancements.


Oil and Gas Property Valuation and Economics includes 30 papers on property and project valuation, risk analysis, international economics and fiscal regimes, and special focus topics. This CD also includes selected papers from two out of print volumes — SPE Reprint Series No. 3, Oil and Gas Property Evaluation and Reserve Estimates, and SPE Reprint Series No. 16, Economics and Finance.


Note for librarians: This reprint is not numbered as part of the SPE Reprint Series because it was developed with SPEE.


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by himawanto
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Oil and Gas Property Valuation and Economics
Oil and Gas Property Valuation and Economics
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