J.B. Bloys and H.R. Warner Jr.
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Monograph Vol. 25
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The latest addition to SPE’s Monograph Series, Low Invasion Coring will help readers develop an understanding of how to apply the array of technologies required for successful completion of a low-invasion coring (LIC) project. This monograph addresses the principles of obtaining low-invasion cores and provides essential practical tips for engineering field LIC projects. Appendices provide detailed information on specific core-analysis procedures..




Table of Contents 


1.  Overview
2.  Preplanning
3.  Low-Invasion Coring Bit Selection
4.  Other Downhole Hardware
5.  Low-Invasion Coring Fluids
6.  Rigsite Operations
7.  Coring Poorly Consolidated Sandstone
8.  Core Analysis

Appendix A-Selected SPE Papers Concerning LIC Technologies
Appendix B-Special Circumstances-Sponge Coring and the Use of Noninvading Core Gel
Appendix C-Calculation of Filtrate Saturation
Appendix D-Calcium Carbonate Determination in Whole Mud
Appendix E-Iodide Ion Analysis
Appendix F-Bromonaphthalene-Analysis Procedure
Appendix G-Sample Anaerobic-Crude-Oil Collection Letter
Appendix H-Chloride Ion Analysis-Brine Saturation
Appendix I-Impact of Oil-Based Mud on Connate Water Saturation and Other Rock Properties
Appendix J-Deuterium Oxide Tracer Calculations