print; print edition; introduction to petroleum economics, petroleum economics, chris hinkin, 978-1-61399-493-1, 9781613994931
Chris Hinkin
180 pp; Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-61399-493-1
Society of Petroleum Engineers
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Introduction to Petroleum Economics is about the process of gathering project data, calculating whether a project should proceed and delivering recommendations. It discusses the science of petroleum economics, starting from square-one, the tools of the trade that petroleum economists use, day in and day out, and also its application. Along the way the author relates some helpful and informative anecdotes based on his almost twenty-year career as a petroleum economist.  Vital for all oil professionals as well as students, Introduction to Petroleum Economics unravels the decision-making behind why a petroleum project moves ahead or ends.


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by Alfred Soong
on 6/19/2018
A vital book to compliment all the technical books out there
Being just a technical expert is no longer enough these days. One has to continuously evolve and widen up to look into economics aspect as well. This book does that in helping engineers understand the economics, with easy to understand writings.
by Nancy Dedora
on 6/7/2017
Introduction to Petroleum Economics
An excellent introductory book suited for those new to petroleum economics as well as seasoned industry professionals. The author’s patient, pleasant demeanor is conveyed as he explains the subject matter using a comfortable narrative style, peppered with humor and suggested tea breaks. Complex and misunderstood concepts are revealed as simple and straightforward. More than just the method to calculate a cash flow, this book refreshingly documents the diverse range of factors to consider in any investment decision.
by Rupal Doshi
on 6/7/2017
Introduction to Petroleum Economics
An Introduction to Petroleum Economic is a real-life, concise and hugely enjoyable in depth look at one of the key fundamentals of the oil and gas industry. The non-theoretical approach makes this an incredibly interesting and well thought out book, written by a mentor whose principles I still observe to this day!
by Dilyara Iskakova
on 6/7/2017
Introduction to Petroleum Economics
Based on decades of personal experience, the author focuses on what is relevant in structured and accessible manner. The real value of this book is in its practicality; unlike other textbooks on economics it comes with real-life examples that brilliantly demonstrate the complexity of the subject; shares many rules of thumb and how to avoid common pitfalls; provides solid foundation that sets you on the right path from the start, and will support you throughout your projects
by David
on 6/7/2017
Introduction to Petroleum Economics
This book is a wonderful high level summary of petroleum economics sprinkled with real life experiences that highlight key topics all Petroleum Economists should understand. I found myself nodding my head in agreement on several occasions, remembering my own experiences generating economic evaluations. Specifically, the requirement to seek out information and expertise from others, petroleum economics cannot be properly executed in a vacuum.
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Chris Hinkin holds a bachelor's degree in Mechnical Engineering from the University of Bath and an MBA from the University of Aston.  He has worked as a Petroleum Economist for nearly twenty years all over the world and on many different projects, from annual corporate planning exercises to large-scale developments, and from decommissioning to multi-billion dollar corporate deals. 

Table of Contents



Some Housekeeping 

Chapter 1: Introducing Cash Flow 

Chapter 2: What Is It About Cash Flow? 

Chapter 3: The Relevant Cash Flows Oil Companies “Know” 

Chapter 4: The Relevant Cash Flows Oil Companies Have to Calculate 

Chapter 5: Net Cash Flow 

Chapter 6: Introducing Discounting 


Chapter 7: Cash Flows in Practice 

Chapter 8: More on Discounting 

Chapter 9: Other Financial Measures 

Chapter 10: Inflation and Real and Nominal Cash Flows

Chapter 11: Foreign Exchange Rates 

Chapter 12: Building and Using Discounted Cash Flow Models

Chapter 13: Incremental Economics 

Chapter 14: Exploration 

Chapter 15: Sensitivity Analysis 

Chapter 16: Acquisitions and Divestments 

Chapter 17: Lease vs. Purchase Decisions 

Chapter 18: Presenting Your Work 

Chapter 19: Going About Your Business 

Chapter 20: Some Advice for Non-professional Petroleum Economists 

Chapter 21: A Final Word



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