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Low-Energy Processes for Unconventional Oil Recovery
Mohammad Reza Fassihi and Tony Kovscek
(11 reviews)
Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Wellbores, Second Edition
Rashid Hasan and Shah Kabir
(1 review)
Unconventional Gas and Tight Oil Exploitation
Roberto Aguilera, Editor
(1 review)
Enhanced Oil Recovery, Second Edition
Don W. Green and G. Paul Willhite
Introduction to Petroleum Economics Front Cover
Chris Hinkin
(5 reviews)
Data-Driven Reservoir Modeling
Shahab D. Mohaghegh
(3 reviews)
Data-Driven Reservoir Modeling and Basic Applied Reservoir Simulation Package
Shahab D. Mohaghegh and Turgay Ertekin, J.H. Abou-Kassem and G.R. King
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