Brian F. Towler
232 pp.; Softcover
SPE Textbook series Vol. 8
ISBN: 978-1-55563-092-8
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Fundamental Principles of Reservoir Engineering
outlines the techniques required for the basic analysis of reservoirs prior to simulation. It reviews rock and fluid properties, reservoir statics, determination of original oil and gas in place by volumetrics and material balances, evaluation of drive mechanisms, fluid flow in porous media, aquifer influx, well testing, fluid distribution and displacement, and decline-curve analysis.


Brian F. Towler is an associate professor of chemical and petroleum engineering at the U. of Wyoming, where he has conducted research on reservoir simulation, waterflooding, petroleum trapping mechanisms, and decline-curve analysis. Previously, he was Senior Reservoir Engineer at Arco Oil and Gas and Principal Reservoir Engineer for Oilmin and the Moonie Oil Group of Companies. Towler holds a PhD degree in chemical engineering from the U. of Queensland (Australia) and completed 2 years of post-doctoral research at the U. of California at Davis.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Review of Rock and Fluid Properties
3. Reservoir Statics
4. Volumetrics
5. Material Balance
6. Single-Phase-Fluid Flow in Porous Media
7. Introduction to Well-Test Analysis
8. Aquifer Influx
9. Dry-Gas Reservoirs
10. Gas/Condensate Reservoirs
11. Unsaturated-Oil Reservoirs
12. Saturated-Oil Reservoirs
13. Fluid Distribution and Displacement
14. Decline-Curve Analysis
Appendix A.Values and Tabulations
Appendix B. Answers to Chapter Problems

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