Jack R. Jones and Larry K. Britt
162 pp; Adobe® Digital Edition
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ISBN: 978-1-61399-316-3
Society of Petroleum Engineers
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Using an interdisciplinary approach, this new book offers a basic yet comprehensive introduction to the completion and reservoir engineering aspects of hydraulic fracture stimulation.  Design and Appraisal of Hydraulic Fractures is divided into three sections. Section 1 covers the design and placement of a hydraulic fracture stimulation; topics include the basics of the hydraulic fracturing process, stress issues, fracture geometry, controls on generated length and width, fluid and proppant selection, quality control, and quality assurance. Section 2 introduces the use of dynamic data to characterize the in-place hydraulic fracture, outlining the methods of pressure-transient analysis for both pressure-drawdown and pressure-buildup tests. The discussion includes effective wellbore radius, effective fracture half-length, equivalent skin, and their relationships; simulated and field examples illustrate the basic analysis procedure and many common pitfalls. The final section covers the prediction of long-term rate performance and recoverable volumes. Three approaches are discussed: rate-decline type curves, analytical and semianalytical methods, and numerical simulation. Essential elements are given for each and illustrated with field examples.

Design and Appraisal of Hydraulic Fractures is a valuable reference for all members of the geotechnical and surface engineering communities who need to understand the important issues around and the full impact of hydraulic fracture stimulation on well performance.


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