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This archive includes all of the historical SPE Membership Salary Survey Highlights - 1975-2020, which became an annual study in 1984.  Prior to 1984, the study was conducted in alternate years, beginning in 1975.  This package also includes the 2021 SPE Membership Survey Report and 2021 SPE Membership Survey Data File.  This compilation provides a historical record of the compensation trends for petroleum industry professionals worldwide.  The survey established a long tradition of progress in the industry, and the changing demographics of petroleum industry professionals. The archive also includes a 1967 article titled "Petrleum Engineering Enrollments Continue to Climb."

About the 2021 SPE Membership Salary Survey  
SPE invited a random sample of 38,824 SPE professional members to participate in the annual SPE Membership Salary Survey on 28 June 2021. Respondents were offered a free copy of the SPE Salary Survey Executive Summary Report as an incentive to complete the survey. The survey closed on 21 July 2021 with 2,241 complete responses, yielding a 5.8% survey response rate. 1,745 responses provided full-time employment compensation data, providing a 4.5% response rate and a margin of error of ± 1.96% at a 95% confidence level. 

     2021 SPE Membership Salary Survey Report - Executive Summary
     2021 SPE Membership Salary Survey Report
     2021 SPE Membership Salary Survey Data File 
     2021 SPE Membership Salary Survey Report and Data File
     2021 SPE Membership Salary Survey Report - Executive Summary and Data File
     2021 SPE Salary Survey Archive of Highlights (1967-2020)
     2021 SPE Salary Survey Archive of Highlights (1967-2020) with 2021 SPE Salary Survey Report