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Society of Petroleum Engineers
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Each year, SPE surveys its professional members to benchmark global compensation trends in the industry. The 2015 SPE Membership Salary Survey is a sample of self-reported information from petroleum industry professionals worldwide. This year's participants are based in 87 countries. Their employers are based in 79 countries and 37 US states.


Invitations to participate in the annual SPE Membership Salary Survey were successfully sent to 89,102 professional members via email. By the close of the survey on 26 August 2015, 5,553 members responded, of whom 4,340 provided valid region and compensation data, resulting in a 6.2% response rate. This sample of completed responses produces a margin of error of ±1.27% at a 95% confidence level. This detailed PDF report summarizes a sample of self-reported information from petroleum industry professionals. The report contains 48 pages of charts and descriptive statistics from a sample of industry professionals worldwide. It is not a definitive source of data for making compensation decisions, but it can be a useful reference where sufficient data exists.


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ALSO AVAILABLE - The 2015 SPE Membership Salary Survey Data File, which provides the data collected in Excel format and also comes with the detailed report.