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Society of Petroleum Engineers
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The 2010 SPE Salary survey was sent to professional members around the world. Invitations to participate in the survey were sent to 55,431 professional members with 10,524 responses, approximately a 20% response rate. This sample produces a margin of error of ±1% at a 95% confidence level.  Respondents report citizenship in 111 countries, with an operational base in 99 different countries. The companies they work for are based in 100 countries, and 41 states within the United States. More than half of respondents are from countries outside of the United States, and women represented more than ten percent of those surveyed.


This pdf report includes summary results from the survey with tables and graphs by region, job category, job function, years of experience, age and citizenship.  The file also includes regional profiles.


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Looking for more detailed information? You may be interested in the detailed data from the survey -- an Excel file that contains all data from the survey in a format you can use to create pivot tables or input to a statistical analysis program.