Edited by Daulat D. Mamora
SPE Reprint Series No 64
ISBN: 978-1-55563-212-0
Society of Petroleum Engineers
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It’s clear that fossil fuels (oil, gas, and coal) will be required to satisfy the increasing worldwide demand for energy well into the 21st century; however, there is widespread concern that the resulting CO2 emissions may lead to the trapping of the sun’s radiation in the upper atmosphere (the so-called greenhouse effect). A number of international regulations have been formulated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the industry can expect increasing global requirements to store CO2 to meet the challenge of stabilizing CO2 concentration levels in the atmosphere. The petroleum industry is in a uniquely advantageous position on this matter because of its vast knowledge and extensive experience in the processing, transportation, and injection of gas.


Underground Storage of CO2 addresses five main issues: Fundamental Considerations; CO2 Storage in Oil Reservoirs; CO2 Storage in Depleted Gas Reservoirs; CO2 Storage in Coalbeds; and CO2 Storage in Aquifers. The CD-ROM contains 16 papers.