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Chris Hinkin
180 pgs; Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-61399-493-1
Society of Petroleum Engineers


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Chris Hinkin holds a bachelor's degree in Mechnical Engineering from the University of Bath and an MBA from the University of Aston. 

He has worked as a Petroleum Economist for nearly twenty years all over the world and on many different projects, from annual corporate planning exercises to large-scale developments, and from decommissioning to multi-billion dollar corporate deals. 

Table of Contents



Some Housekeeping 

Chapter 1: Introducing Cash Flow 

Chapter 2: What Is It About Cash Flow? 

Chapter 3: The Relevant Cash Flows Oil Companies “Know” 

Chapter 4: The Relevant Cash Flows Oil Companies Have to Calculate 

Chapter 5: Net Cash Flow 

Chapter 6: Introducing Discounting 


Chapter 7: Cash Flows in Practice 

Chapter 8: More on Discounting 

Chapter 9: Other Financial Measures 

Chapter 10: Inflation and Real and Nominal Cash Flows

Chapter 11: Foreign Exchange Rates 

Chapter 12: Building and Using Discounted Cash Flow Models

Chapter 13: Incremental Economics 

Chapter 14: Exploration 

Chapter 15: Sensitivity Analysis 

Chapter 16: Acquisitions and Divestments 

Chapter 17: Lease vs. Purchase Decisions 

Chapter 18: Presenting Your Work 

Chapter 19: Going About Your Business 

Chapter 20: Some Advice for Non-professional Petroleum Economists 

Chapter 21: A Final Word



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