Edited By: Otto Luiz Alcantara Santos
Reprint 65
ISBN: 978-1-55563-290-8
Society of Petroleum Engineers


High-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wells present unique challenges in well planning and operations that require special attention from engineers and managers. Some of these challenges are related to narrow drilling windows, a large volume of produced kicks at surface conditions, the use of unconventional equipment, and corrosive environments. Many of these challenges have not yet been addressed by textbooks and manuals on this particular topic.


Drilling and Production Operations in HP/HT Wells compiles broad industry experience and the most recent developments in HP/HT well planning and operations to provide engineers and students with a convenient and novel source of information. Important papers have been included on the topics of Drilling- and Completion-Fluid Requirements for Application in HP/HT Wells; Operational Safety Issues in HP/HT Areas; Designing and Executing Drilling Operations in HP/HT Wells; Equipment Requirements When Operating in HP/HT Areas; Designing HP/HT Completions, Interventions, and Well Tests; and Pressure Estimation When Drilling HP/HT Wells. The CD-ROM contains 25 papers.