Adobe® Digital Editions (Digital rights management)

SPE uses Adobe® Digital Editions for its digital books. The free Adobe® Digital Editions software is required & can be downloaded from the Adobe web site. It is strongly recommended that you register your copy of Adobe® Digital Editions with Adobe; without it, downloaded titles will be locked to a single computer & cannot be restored if something happens to your hard drive.   

SPE has established reasonable limits on printing, cutting & pasting as part of the digital rights management (DRM) that will permit most normal use of the book. These limitations prohibit the transfer of digital books to other users. Printing of a complete digital book is also not allowed.     


Before Purchase:

1. Install & register Adobe® Digital Editions before downloading your digital book
2. Download our free test book before making a purchase - SPE Symbols Standard
3. Confirm you have a recent broswer (Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox 3, 4 or higher, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera)
4. Digital downloads cannot be returned
5. Downloads of purchased books are NOT immediate. Please allow 2 business days for your payment to be processed