Adobe® Digital Editions 

SPE uses the free Adobe® Digital Editions software to deliver its eBooks DIRECTLY to customers.  The software can be downloaded free of charge HERE.

Please know that each SPE eBook contains Digital Rights Management (DRM.)  SPE has established reasonable limits on printing, cutting and pasting of the content found within SPE eBooks.  Transfer of eBooks to someone other than the purchaser and printing of a complete eBook violates the terms and conditions of use.  

**Many of SPE's more recent and top selling books are available in several digital formats including Adobe Digital Edition, Amazon Kindle and Apple iBook.  If you are unable to find the eBook you need in the format you need on the SPE Bookstore, please let us know by emailing


Follow These Steps Before Purchase 

1. Download Adobe Digital Editions
 software BEFORE purchasing your eBook.  

2. Once the software has been successfully installed on your device, register your version of Adobe Digital Editions software with Adobe at this link.

3. Next, download SPE's free test eBook SPE Symbols Standard to ensure it plays successfully on your device and in the reader.

4. If all runs smoothly on your device, we recommend purchasing SPE eBooks.  eBooks cannot be returned.  

5. Please allow 2 business days for your payment to be processed and the eBook to be posted to your SPE Bookstore account.