Editor: Dean Slocum
SPE Reprint Series No. 62
ISBN: 978-1-55563-211-3
Society of Petroleum Engineers


Since the 1992 publication of SPE’s last reprint volume on HSE, the oil and gas industry has made groundbreaking progress in the management of issues related to health, safety, and the environment. This 2009 update presents a sample of some of the best, most recent pieces of work from SPE’s HSE events, addressing a broad range of topics that are of current and emerging urgency to the industry. The objective of this collection of papers is to present a snapshot of recent notable accomplishments in HSE management and to establish a useful basis for industry professionals to learn from, apply, and build on the developments achieved to date.


Best Practices in HSE will provide readers with a valuable sampling of current best practices, methods, and innovative thinking on how the oil and gas industry is facing some of its most significant HSE challenges. Important papers have been included on the topics of Greenhouse Gases/Climate Change, Integrated Impact Assessment, Infectious Diseases, Leadership, HSE Performance Management, Transportation Safety, Contractor Management, and Biodiversity. The CD-ROM contains 25 papers.